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Vote Pekarske - Nelles - Frailing in the April 3rd Election.            
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"We pledge to be a town government that will inform, listen to, and represent the people of the Township of Knowlton."

  • We believe that openness and full disclosure in town government is essential. We recognize that town residents must be fully informed on all issues in order to participate in a meaningful way in the governing of their town.

  • We acknowledge and share the desire of our town residents to maintain Knowlton as a rural community. We will seek to balance the need of the town for residential and economic growth with the desire of the residents to remain a rural environment.

  • We will take action to guard the safety of our residents on our rural roads as traffic grows in our township. We will seek to meet the demands increased traffic in the township puts on the maintenance, development, and control of our roads.

  • We will have a proactive town government rather than a reactive government. We will look to the future, inform residents of issues that may arise in our township in the future, and form long range plans for dealing with these issues.

  • We will administer a cost effective town government without sacrificing services provided to the residents.

Vote April 3rd

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